My name is Ian Dunn and I am making Alluvial. Right now I am mostly working on the environment generation and rendering, in particular the forest rendering system and the landscape feature generation.

There are a lot of ways to follow the development process - try checking out the dev blog and twitch stream, or find more links and information below!

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Some in-development screenshots

About / History

I have been wanting to make an open-world game for some time now. While at university I worked on some prototypes for distant terrain rendering and voxel collision systems. For my master's thesis, I spent two years working on an open-world game engine, with procedural environment generation, a terrain voxel system, and distant forest and terrain rendering.

At the end of last year I finished my thesis and started working part-time as a teacher so that I could focus some time on Alluvial as well. I did some work on the terrain generation system to increase modularity and make it easier to add new biomes and features. Then, I revisited the voxel terrain system to improve the appearance and performance.

My current work is focusing on the landscape generation.